Alma Lepik

The publisher Alma Lepik was created in 2003 by Tiiu Boltzmann order to edit in Spanish materials based on Systemic Family Therapy, specifically in the novel method of Family Constellations according to the German philosopher and educator Bert Hellinger.

Alma Lepik was the first Latin American Editorial specializing in Family Constellations. The name of the publisher, Alma Lepik, is a tribute to the soul of the family as "Lepik" is the name of the ancestors of the principal.

As the work of Family Constellations and systemic solutions grew in the Spanish-speaking world, the publisher was adapting their formats to its goal of dissemination and collaboration with the various formations in their academic work was more varied and attractive.

The growth in the number of titles and themes was acompñado by the emergence of digital publications (on CD and DVD) and more