Astiberri Editions: A project in motion Astiberri is a comic book publishing house that since its birth in March 2001 maintains a content policy aimed at an adult audience, regardless of age, formed, and not necessarily accustomed to comics. Its main line of work, which has become its hallmark, is the edition of works with notable literary weight by authors with a basically Hispanic, Francophone or Anglo-Saxon origin, but also coming from other areas such as Latin American, Japanese or Chinese. Eddie Baudoin, Jessica Abel, Jason Lutes, Jeff Smith, Frederik Peeters, Craig Thompson, Bryan Talbot, Alex Robinson, Yoshihiro Tatsumi, Jason Baru, Joyce Farmer, Shigeru Mizuki, Andy Riley, Michel Rabgliatti, Osamu Tezuka, Guy Delisle, Eddie Campbell, Lisa Mandel, Dylan Horrocks, The Oatmeal ..., firms that have been appearing in the public as reference artists in the middle, and which are more