Auieo born in 1998 in Italy, as a literary magazine. The first issue contains a story of Fabio Morábito , Zolla Elémire assay , a poem by Gerardo Deniz , a watercolor by José Clemente Orozco Farías , the fragment of a treatise on how to compose a homily Panigarola Francesco ( 1584 ), an dialogue with Mario Luzi and editorial , which explains the title : Dante, in the Convivio ( iv , 6 ), states that "authority is nothing more than act as an author. This word , ie , auctor , without the third letter can come from two sources : one , a verb , abandoned by the very use grammar, which means linking words , ie auieo " .

One focus of the magazine is the Latin American literature : The following numbers of Juan José Arreola texts , Barbara Jacobs , Salvador Elizondo, Augusto Monterroso are presented . Another guideline will be talks with authors on specific topics : with Elémire more