Blackie Books

13 things from BlackieBooks that are not very important either: 1 Blackie Books is an independent publisher based in Barcelona. 2 We started the project a long time ago, but the first books came out in October 2009. 3 As far as the reception of manuscripts is concerned: at the moment we are not accepting new material. We will be a few months like this, until we return to adequate reception and response times. We want to be able to look at them all. 4 The Blackie dog comes out in the publisher's logo, and its story is told in the guards of our books. 5 The name of the publisher is a tribute to that pretense of immortality of the dog Blackie. It is the same thing that we intend for our books, to be immortal. 6 We are not interested in anything new. For us, the "new" is not only what has just been done, but what we have just discovered, or what has changed appearance, or what asks for a more