Los libros del lince

Los Libros del Lince is “an independent publishing project that strives to provide Spanish-language readers with texts with a critical and radical spirit that invite reflection and open new perspectives. We believe that good books are, like the Iberian lynx, a beautiful species in danger of extinction, and that is why we have chosen the name of this feline to baptize our seal. "

For books on the lynx “the good eyesight, agility, muscle and, above all, the cunning characteristic of the lynx are needed to survive in a world that walks with clumsy steps and notable stubbornness in error. We trust that these virtues are not excessively lacking in our just begun journey. "

This editorial also aspires “to contribute, to the best of our ability, to shake the often too still waters of controversy and analysis, to help our country and our culture participate in the great debates ...read more