Marbot Ediciones

"In 1981, Hildesheimer published Marbot. Eine Biographie. This is the intellectual biography of an English esthete and art critic, Sir Andrew Marbot, born in 1801 and died in 1830. A tireless traveler, he was fortunate enough to meet the most notable cultural figures of his day: Goethe, Byron, and Shelley , Leopardi and Schopenhauer, Turner and Delacroix (the latter made him a portrait in lithographic pencil). In all those who knew him left the impression of being a man endowed with an extreme intelligence combined with a strong temperament but curiously detached from life. This was especially the judgment of Goethe, as we have come thanks to a letter he sent to his friend Schutz and a passage of the Interviews with Eckermann cited by Hildesheimer. Marbot disappeared in 1830. Although his body was never found, numerous indications speak in favor of the hypothesis of a death by more