The history of Porrúa has been parallel to that of Mexico and its consolidation as one of the most traditional national companies, has not been easy; However, time, dedication and commitment have made this Bookstore and Editorial continue to grow.

In 1900 Porrúa settled down in the street of San Pedro and San Pablo, now known as second street of the Carmen, dedicating itself to the purchase-sale of books of occasion and general interest. In 1910 it changes its address to the corner of Republic of Argentina and Justo Sierra, where to date remains its Mother House.

Complementary to its work of sale and distribution of books of all type, Libreria Porrúa began to edit some works. The first of them appears in 1910: Guide of the city of Mexico, printed in Spain. In 1914 he publishes the first work totally printed and edited in our country: The 100 best Mexican lyrics poetry. D...read more