11 ciudades. Viajes de un periodista deportivo

11 ciudades. Viajes de un periodista deportivo - Axel Torres - Contra
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Football is much more than a sport that faces two teams of eleven players. Axel Torres knows this well and, despite his youth, is currently one of the most brilliant and respected voices in sports journalism in the Spanish language. His comments and ideas about the sport king have forged an extensive community of listeners and viewers -from the Marca Marcador Internacional program, from Radio Marca, and from Planeta Axel, from Gol TV- who live football as a phenomenon that transcends sports and that It is part of the personal culture in a lively and intense way. 11 cities, his first book, is the most original story of the birth of two great passions: the passion for travel and sports journalism, with football as a backdrop, no matter where it is practiced. This is the foundational story of a tireless and curious traveler, who from a very young age decided that he wanted to be a sports...read more


Book: 11 ciudades. Viajes de un periodista deportivo

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