120 historias del cine

120 historias del cine - Alexander Kluge - Caja Negra Editora
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Caja Negra Editora

The 120 stories that compose this book, partial and "subjective" as Kluge himself warns us, deal with the early age of celluloid - that cinéma impur of times in which the cinematographic image combined elements of theater, plastic arts and literature- , Of the random separation between documentary and fiction films, and how the sun, through its play of lights, was perhaps a pioneer of author's cinema. They narrate the enthusiasm with which the masses appropriated that recent cinema, the avatars of a National Socialist in Hollywood, the truncated projects of Tarkovski and Fritz Lang, and they question themselves by the possibility of putting in surplus value or the end of the image Second World War. But above all they testify to one thing: that the "cinema principle" - as old as the sun and the representations of light and darkness in our minds - arises much earlier than the art of fil...read more


Book: 120 historias del cine

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