14 tesis de ética

Hacia la esencia del pensamiento crítico

14 tesis de ética - Enrique Dussel - Trotta
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Development of the ethics of liberation, these 14 theses ethics clarify critical thinking and serve as a new foundation to it. Critical thinking part of the original proximity of the subject before the other experienced as a person, not as a functional thing within a system. It is in the front face-to-face ethical, all other relationships, where he deconstructs the ontological ground of established morality.
Conceived as notes for his philosophy classes, these Theses are the best compendium of thought of Enrique Dussel. Not only represents a summary of its ethical precedents, but open new working hypotheses, such as the definition of ethics as a general theory of all practical fields, or judgment, in the critical part of this work, the negative moment of principles regarding the positive moment, allowing not only clarity but explicit regulatory deconstructive moment of ethically...read more


Book: 14 tesis de ética

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