1917, La Revolución Rusa

1917, La Revolución Rusa - Rex. A. Wade - Esfera de los libros
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Rex A. Wade presents in these pages a new chronicle of one of the cardinal events of Modern History, where he combines his long study of the Revolution with the works of the best contemporary experts. As part of a general narrative that provides a clear description of the 1917 Revolution, Wade introduces several novel approaches to his political history and clears many of the myths and misconceptions that studies of that period have been taking place. In addition, Wade gives a substantial space to the social, economic and cultural history of the Revolution, and incorporates people and places that have too often been overlooked from the story, such as women, minority ethnicities, peasantry and front soldiers, making it possible for a more detailed and complete story to emerge. This work, updated and revised especially for the revolutionary centenary is an easy-to-read book of invaluabl...read more


Book: 1917, La Revolución Rusa

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