68 - Paco Ignacio Taibó II - Traficantes de sueños
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Traficantes de sueños
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Tapa Blanda

How was the magic cooked? What was the bonfire fed with? Where did the 300 thousand students who arrived at the Zócalo leave the day of the manifestation of silence? [...] How does a generation make its myths? What was the daily menu in the Political Science dining room? What did the 68 movement question? Where did that Juarez-Loreto bus leave every morning? Who was right wing and who left in September of 68? Who radicals and who Mensheviks? How do the names of deserters and suicides return in rumors? What poem was heard by the local sound when the tanks entered? Where did the idea of ​​brigadism come from? What are the limits of victory and defeat? [...] When does reform and not revolution? Why was the best coffee taken in voca 5? Where was the point of no return?

How was a lightning rally blocking the four corners? How are flyers stored in bread bags? What did the CNH mean? W...read more


Book: 68

ISBN: 9788496453098