75 cuentos sufíes

Los caminos de la luz

75 cuentos sufíes -  Anónimo - Olañeta
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Tapa Blanda

As is well known, the eastern peoples have a rich tradition of tales, apologists and folk legends of very ancient origin. This literature, oral or written, passed from those distant countries to Europe and other parts of the globe to a worldwide spread. Many of them are at the base of the most popular story collections of our countries.

Sufi teachers used many of these stories in their teachings, or they wrote new ones in the same style, because in them a funny or fantastic anecdote is always present, after the funny or fantastic anecdote, a symbolism that reveals a useful truth for the disciple. In the anecdote is condensed a whole variety of senses, and for this reason each story allows a variable number of readings at different levels, depending on the capacity of the reader or listener. Therefore, we can read these tales as a sample of exotic literature, with all its ancien...read more


Book: 75 cuentos sufíes

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