A los rusos les gustan los abedules

A los rusos les gustan los abedules - Grjasnowa Grjasnowa - Cómplices Editorial
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Cómplices Editorial
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Rústica con solapas

What look like the Germans? No idea. And the Russians, what they look like? I asked,. He shrugged; said -of people who like birches. -¿Los Americans? Look around you. Palestine is full. What about the Palestinians? -of People who are used to wait for a long time.

Mascha was born in Azerbaijan, is Jewish, and if necessary also Turkish and French. It is cosmopolitan, customizable, and is always ready to run.
As a child he witnessed the Armenian pogroms. In Germany learns to endure the experience of immigration. Now he speaks five languages and is about to finish his studies as an interpreter. Seems to have very clear ideas about his career. But then her boyfriend seriously ill. In desperation, Mascha flee to Israel, where soon his past reappears in the most cruel manner. This is also the story of a generation. To Mascha the subject of the origin and nationality is irrelevan...read more


Book: A los rusos les gustan los abedules

ISBN: 9788494039553