A Moscú sin Kaláshnikov

Una crónica sentimental de la Rusia de Putín envuelta en papel periódico

A Moscú sin Kaláshnikov - Daniel Utrilla Vizmanos - Libros de K.O.
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Libros de K.O.
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This book is wrapped in newspaper and stored at 20 degrees below zero emotional striptease. It can be read as a Bildungsroman, love, death, reflection, stress, journalism, literature, shivering the scoop in the middle of a hilarious culture clash that entangles the author and the reader in the blades Russian giant. This book reflects the result of 11 years of journalism and relentless pursuit of stories in Russia, which led the author to remote and picturesque corners of the former Soviet Union: Baikonur, Lake Baikal, Yekaterinburg, Yakutia, Chernobyl, but mostly Yasnaya Polyana, the estate where he was born, created, lived and was buried Lev Tolstoy, true guide for this trip. This book is also a guide to get lost. To get lost in Moscow, its streets, neighborhoods and churches, but above all is a guide to get lost among the people, among real people who go through literary (from the e...read more



Book: A Moscú sin Kaláshnikov

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