A propósito de Godard

Conversaciones entre Harun Farocki y Kaja Silverman

A propósito de Godard - Harun Farocki - Caja Negra Editora
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Caja Negra Editora

"Harun Farocki: For Godard, as for Jerzy [the protagonist of Passion], telling a story is the least interesting part of making a movie. And for Godard, as for Jerzy, cinema is, first and foremost, light. Finally, for Godard, as for Jerzy, art implies creating texts that are in dialogue with previous texts. "

Defined by its authors as a "book on couples," Godard's purpose is unlike any other volume ever published on the work of the most prominent filmmaker of modernity. With a defiantly original spirit that shies away from the recurring territories of biography or critical essay, Harun Farocki and Kaja Silverman tackle the filmography of Jean-Luc Godard through the structure of a great conversation in which they analyze in depth eight of his films Emblematic, from Living his life to Nouvelle vague. In this way, each chapter deals with a film, and each film is broken down sequenc...read more


Book: A propósito de Godard

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