A puño limpio, vol. 3

La gran historia del boxeo. La lucha por la supervivencia

A puño limpio, vol. 3 -  AA.VV. - Almadía
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Tapa Blanda

Boxing is the sport that has given Mexico the most joy. In this third round, through the puma of José Ramón Garmabella, we remember one of the greatest glories of national boxing; the Tepiteño champion Raúl Ratón Macias. Additionally, boxer James J. Corbett recalls colored fighter Peter Jackson, whom he faced in 1891 in a fight that many call the birth of scientific boxing. Nat Fleischer, on the other hand, recounts the top ten fights he has witnessed in the first half of the 20th century. What goes through the mind of a young boxer when fighting with the champion he admires so much? Charles Francis Coe offers us a dramatic tale about it. Finally, we have a chronicle of the intense fifth round of the fight between Mohamed Ali and George Foreman, by Norman Mailer. With a wide-angle look, A Clean Fist goes through the exciting art of defense and attack, as well as the daily battles that...read more



Book: A puño limpio, vol. 3

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