A título de más de uno. Jacques Derrida

Sobre un retrato de Valeria Adami

A título de más de uno. Jacques Derrida - Jean-Luc Nancy - Trotta
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No matches existence mode "being" obstinate and stubborn with the dead. While maintaining life, while we are alive, we exist in the way of the flight, the flight, the escape forward. Death, however, sets us on the consistency, the identity, permanence, we fixed "the only similarity" possible (Blanchot) that everyone keeps to himself, for the dead "no longer flee, not us they flee or flee themselves. " This being the missing or disappeared, writes Nancy, alone is responsible his image, "that is, the infinite wait, the request always renewed a miracle of existence and meaning that can only take place in the dissipation of the image ".

Based leitmotiv painted by Valerio Adami Jacques Derrida few months before his death in 2004 portrait, Jean-Luc Nancy delivery in this little book, with the shocking beauty of his writing, an emotional elegy not only has the virtue to involve the re...read more


Book: A título de más de uno. Jacques Derrida

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