Abajo el colejio!

Abajo el colejio! -  AA.VV. - Impedimenta
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A classic of English literature more gamberra, fun and great, for all ages, and presented in splendid translation of Jon Bilbao. Considered a classic of illustrated literature of the twentieth, and one of the most obscure creations ever written, Down with the school! opens the adventures of the famous schoolboy Nigel Molesworth, a clear English background of Little Nicholas and great sales success in Britain in the fifties. Nigel Molesworth is an evil student who lives in the St Custodian's College, which has only 62 students and which, according to Nigel, "was built by a lunatic in 1836." Nothing escapes his clinical eye, and he usually finds little time for tostones like biology or poetry. He prefers, however, to skip classes or do pranks with Peason, his best friend, with whom he stars in frequent interplanetary expeditions, with Fotherington-Tomas, the group's fool, or with Molesw...read more



Book: Abajo el colejio!

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