Abel Sánchez

Abel Sánchez - Miguel de Unamuno - Gradifco
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Abel Sánchez is the story of a fate but better than two: in the first person we know the story of a Cain: Joaquín Monegro, who feels an uncontainable and furious envy for his friend Abel Sánchez; the other story, the other fate. Neither of us has chosen to be what they are, but they carry an evil that will confront them all their lives. In this novel, the remarkable writer and philosopher Miguel de Unamuno takes the biblical myth and develops one of the many ideas that trouble him: the problem of man's freedom or his dependence on chance. With few interventions by the narrator, we will know by the dialogues, and the confessions of Joaquin, a drama so human, so intimate, that no one, no reader, can feel alien. Abel Sanchez is a novel of ideas: a challenge for those who enjoy and believe that thinking is a party.



Book: Abel Sánchez

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