Acerca de Jung

El Buddhismo y la Sophia

Acerca de Jung - Henry Corbin - Siruela
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Around a table in Ascona, every year a "miracle of the Spirit" took place. The most solitary and individualistic people in the world gathered in the Eranos circle to present their research. From the meeting between Carl Gustav Jung, "the psychologist who dared to speak of the soul", and Henry Corbin, the philosopher who restored the powers of imagination, resulted in a series of unpredictable testimonies that are collected for the first time in this volume. The texts that Corbin dedicated to Jung's work reveal the forgotten image of Sophia, the feminine archetype found in the earliest Psalms and the companion of the creator, his daily joy when he laid the foundations of the world. The kingdom of Sophia, that world in which love precedes all knowledge and the meaning of death is nothing more than the nostalgia of the resurrection, has been buried and can only be restored with the help more


Book: Acerca de Jung

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