Adam Smith en Pekín

Orígenes y fundamentos del siglo XXI

Adam Smith en Pekín - Giovanni Arrighi - Akal
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This book masterfully analyzes what has been the path of socio-economic evolution of China during the last centuries in line with which capitalism emerged in the western end of Eurasia reaching to subjugate the entire planet in the late nineteenth century, and how that The path has diverged deeply from the European model characterized by a permanent military and technological revolution that has sustained its modalities of state construction, capital accumulation and territorial conquest. It also studies the Chinese growth model based on an intensive use of the market that did not cripple to become the melting pot of a capitalist development and a much more moderate resource to war compared to Western warfare patterns. To undertake this task Giovanni Arrighi vindicates the sociologies of Adam Smith and Karl Marx as critics of capitalism and analyzes their contributions around the more


Book: Adam Smith en Pekín

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