Adiós a la verdad

Adiós a la verdad - Gianni Vattimo - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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In this new work shows us Gianni Vattimo as truth has become the most exalted representation of contemporary culture. Philosophy, religion and politics but also, and fundamentally, our daily experience are marked by a particular appreciation of the truth. However, the culture of our Western society is increasingly pluralistic. Information and communication are a set of interpretations, politicians are allowed to circumvent the ethical commitments-and therefore also the duty of truth no one is surprised. Nevertheless, as demonstrated daily political debates, our "pluralistic" society still believes in a "metaphysical" idea of ​​truth as correspondence with objective facts and the illusion of an agreement based on "facts." Spreading of claims by a policy based on scientific knowledge and its direct ties to the economy and technology, Gianni Vattimo argues that the only horizon of more



Book: Adiós a la verdad

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