Adiós a Sidonie

Adiós a Sidonie - Erich Hackl - Pre-textos
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As in his sensational story The motives of Aurora, Erich Hackl traces in the present work the traces of an unprecedented case, silenced for decades. With a concise and concise language, the author tells the impressive story of the gypsy girl Sidonie Adlersburg, of her brief and happy stay with her foster parents and of the desperate efforts that they made to save her from the destiny that the National Socialist regime had for the of his ethnicity. Farewell to Sidonie is not only a chronicle of the violence, the inertia of the heart and the cruelty of the norm, but also a declaration of love to people who, whatever the historical circumstances, put compassion and dignity before a misunderstood fulfillment of duty. At the same time, the book reveals the reality of a country and its inhabitants, showing the behaviors that would have been possible at a given time, the way in which it was more



Book: Adiós a Sidonie

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