Administración de procesos

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Administración de procesos - José Carlos Peña Gómez - Ibero
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The book Process Administration. Guide for learning. How to learn to manage an organization based on its processes, facilitates the learning process management and is support to acquire the necessary skills for its application in daily practice. Through a methodological proposal of development by competences, all the necessary elements for process management are integrated and developed according to the CBOK of the ABPMP of 2013. This edition presents the various phases of process management, in "Introduction to the process engineering "the different and best practices of BPM are shown; "Process modeling" exposes the different modeling techniques and their use; in "Process Analysis" we propose how to obtain information about the current situation of the organization; "Process design" gives us techniques and methods for the design of processes and their continuous improvement; in " more


Book: Administración de procesos

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