Adulto y el juego del niño

Adulto y el juego del niño - Anna Tardos - Octaedro
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For decades, the reality and the theory of Lóczy have been an inexhaustible source of reflection and inspiration to improve the daily work of teachers in the way of doing, and therefore also the way to see and respect the boy. The little book in your hands is a jewel of this pedagogy, for years so little known and now so distorted, that has been built day after day in the small mansion with a large garden on the street Lóczy of Budapest, a house where have uniquely combined life alongside children with the systematic research of the Pikler Institute, a combination still today unique in the world of young children's education. To make accessible to everyone what is complex is a characteristic of their work style, so reading this booklet is simple, easy, but what it raises is of great depth. Therefore, you have to be alert, your reading requires time and reflection. As is so often the more


Book: Adulto y el juego del niño

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