Afectos y saberes

Crítica, cultura y desestabilización de la representación

Afectos y saberes - José Luis Barrios Lara - Ibero
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Tapa Blanda

With the title Affection and knowledge we want to think about the way in which the body -as power- and its affections, as intensive interstices of the moment, allows us to rethink the representation beyond and more here, in the here of its materiality. It is in the previous relationship of forces where affection is what the body can, at the very moment of its affectation; the flesh and the world are confused to the ignorance of language. In the fissure where the sign, far from overflowing, is contracted to the point where the meaning and the idea only resolve on the surface of the sound as the pure voice of delirium, or where the meaning contracts in its holes without law. We wanted to give an account of the intensive surfaces of affection as against the category of knowledge. In this first volume, we just suggest what we hope will be deepened in the forms of memory and the desire of more

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Book: Afectos y saberes

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