Afrotopía - Felwine Sarr - Catarata
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Tapa Blanda

Africa doesn't have to reach anyone, it doesn't have to imitate anyone. It needs to achieve its decolonization through a fruitful encounter with herself. It must refrain from this infantilism with which nations measure themselves to see who has accumulated the most riches, technological apparatuses, strong sensations, without considering that this irresponsible career endangers the social and natural conditions of human life. In thirty-five years, the African population will represent a quarter of humanity. A demographic weight and vitality that will tip the social, political, economic and cultural balances of the planet. Aphrotopia is not a sweet dream. It is an active utopia that aims to bring to light the vast possible spaces of African realities and fertilize them; is to take humanity to a higher level.


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Book: Afrotopía

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