Agua y otros cuentos

Agua y otros cuentos - Torgny  Lindgren - Nórdica
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Water and other stories gathers the most important stories written by Torgny Lindgren in the last 25 years. These stories, unpublished until now in our country, are a fundamental part of their literary production, and for them it is internationally recognized. With a simple technique, Lindgren deals with a wide variety of topics: from the search for water in a Sweden that looks more like an African country than a Nordic one («Water»), to the mutual dependence of a father and his daughter, with a surprising ending («Rut and Signar»), going through one of his favorite subjects, the consequences of performing reprehensible acts («The potato with five fingers»). There is no shortage of literary stories, authentic masterpieces of the genre, such as "Selma and Verner" which deals with the relationship between the Nobel Prize winners Selma Lagerlöf and Verner von Heidenstam, or "The Death more



Book: Agua y otros cuentos

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