Al comienzo era amor

Al comienzo era amor - Julia Kristeva - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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This paper examines the main concepts of the present report, tacitly or explicitly, in the collective imagination of people today. The author attempts to show the extent to which, after much of the sound appeals to recover the past, to safeguard memories, etc., assumptions are openly ideological.

In any case, as the author himself has stated on numerous occasions, the memory not only should not be regarded as an end in itself but, instead, should be able to find their specific articulation with the order of the projects and purposes. This is discussed in the last section of the text, in which you try to raise the issue of nexus must exist between a speech about the history and political activity as such, I link whose sign is not hidden nor conceals mode no: I is announced in the subtitle of the book itself.




Book: Al comienzo era amor

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