Al diablo con la cultura

Al diablo con la cultura - Herbert Read - Godot
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As Herbert Read noted in the introduction to The hell with culture, this series of essays published as World War II progressed, historical moment in which art as a social phenomenon was widely discussed, as well as its role and obligations Ethical artists. Throughout the entire book, the concept of Read about art unfolds in various dimensions and analyzed from different points of view. Al devil with culture, Read conceives art as a phenomenon that exceeds the strictly artistic level, and get involved with politics and the economy.
"Historically speaking, we can only identify a civilization for art that has bequeathed subject to the test of time, civilizations are reduced to their artistic works. Otherwise seems eaten by the" rot. Even the most remote periods of history we become tangible reality in a fragment of bone or carved on a cave drawing. Cities and fertile plains more


Book: Al diablo con la cultura

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