Al morir Jonathan

Al morir Jonathan - Tony Duvert - Canta mares
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Canta mares
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Tapa Blanda

In When Jonathan dies, Tony Duvert shows the annulment of the child's right to autonomy, to his words, to his pleasures. The child serves as a pretext for the confrontations between the mother and the father, and it is a trophy that the grandmother would win the daughter to show her moral superiority. Moreover, it is also prey to the neighbor who envies the intoxicating look with which she enjoys life. Thus, Duvert delivers a text in which he draws the tense relationship between adults and children: or, as the critic and writer René de Ceccatty writes, the "irresponsible coalition of parents with educators" for whom the child is a doll, a thing. In the novel we can read: "The mother felt about her son a definitive right, which he used according to his whims and that authorized all contradictions. His son served him as reserve humanity when he had nothing else. It was a doll with more



Book: Al morir Jonathan

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