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Rústica con solapas

Apollinaire's poetry focuses on two capital books, he came to see published in life. The first edition of Alcohol, bringing together, as the author was commissioned to do notar- poems written between 1898 and 1913, was published in Paris with the seal of the Mercure de France, and illustrated with a portrait of the author by Pablo Picasso. It is no coincidence that the book is opened (as the same anthology) precisely with "Zone". In this long and beautiful poem of pace and quality film, which opens precisely discoverer, though without fanfare of a whole vast and extensive "zone" for the poetry of our century, is included (at the same time it embodies) something much more important than a mere poetic art in the style known until then. The spacious wisely escandidos verses, who despise not resort to use of everyday language still be-even for this very reason an authentic sample of the more




Book: Alcoholes

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