Enciclopedia de una ciencia hermética

Alquimia - Claus Priesner - Herder
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This book is the first scientific work on alchemy consultation in Spanish. With over 200 entries, numerous illustrations and a comprehensive index, the reader can get an idea of the characters, materials, symbols and ideas from alchemy to try to define what, in essence, is the alchemy: a doctrine the meaning and essence of creation and the place of man in nature and the cosmos. From the beginning of alchemy was an aura of mystery and prohibition, which is probably why even today continues to arouse interest. This encyclopedia aims to understand the essence and the idiosyncrasy of alchemy in its different periods and cultural environments, exposing and explaining its main ideas, experiments and exponents. The objective is to present alchemy in all its complexity, not as a mere product of fantasies of dreamers but as it was indeed a science of nature based on the thought of humanist more



Book: Alquimia

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