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For many, Altazor or the parachute trip (1931), considered the poem of failure, is the masterpiece of Vicente Huidobro, who is among the great experimental poets of the 1920s. It was a key to that period, due to its energy and firmness with which he proclaimed himself as the first avant-garde poet and for having founded Creationism, a movement based on a "general aesthetic theory"; according to this literary movement, the poet had to create a poem as nature creates a tree.

His response to all the movements of the early 20th century was Creationism, the revolutionary current that conceived of the poet as a thaumaturgical god, destined to create a new type of poetry that competed with nature instead of reflecting it. This concept constituted the axis of his poetic work, strewn with surprising images, dramatic juxtapositions and letters with random sequences of words. more


Book: Altazor

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