Altísima pobreza

Altísima pobreza - Giorgio Agamben - Pre-Textos
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What is a rule, if it seems entirely confused with life? What is a human life, if each of their gestures, their words and silences no longer be distinct from the rule? The new book by Giorgio Agamben seeks to answer these questions through a passionate reading of this fascinating phenomenon, and now extinct, which was the Western monasticism, from Pachomius to San Francisco. The book reconstructs in particular the life of the monks in their obsessive attention to the temporal scansion and rule, to ascetic techniques and liturgy. Agamben's thesis, however, is that the real novelty of monasticism is not in the confusion between life and rule, but rather the discovery of a new dimension, in which, perhaps for the first time, the "life" as such asserts its autonomy; and where the claim of "high poverty" and "use" issues a challenge to the law, which today must still reckoning. "How to more


Book: Altísima pobreza

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