América Latina en sus artes

América Latina en sus artes -  AA.VV. - Siglo XXI Editores
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Siglo XXI Editores
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PART ONE: THE LATIN AMERICAN ART ON WORLD TODAY I. Awakening of an artistic conscience (1920-1930), by ANTONIO R. ROMERA II. ¿Identity and Modernity ?, by JORGE ALBERTO MANRIQUE III. Attitudes and reactions, JOHN ADELAIDA IV. The forms of critical and audience response for FERMÍN FEVRE v. The diffusers agencies and the mobility of artists, for DAMIÁN BAYÓN VI. Market, taste and artistic production, for ANGEL KALENBERG VII. The crisis of art in Latin America and the world, by JORGE ROMERO BREST PART TWO: ROOTS, assimilations AND CONFLICTS I. Meeting of Cultures, by Philotheus SAMANIEGO II. Eras and styles, MARIO CHEAP III. Diversity of attitudes, for JUAN GARCIA PONCE IV. A hybrid art ?, by FRANCISCO STASTNY PART THREE: ART AND SOCIETY I. The Art of a changing society, by SAUL YURKIEVICH II. The social use of the object of art, EDMUND DESNOES III. The artist in Latin American society, more


Book: América Latina en sus artes

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