Amor de Artur

Amor de Artur - X. L. Méndez Ferrín - Impedimenta
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X. L. Méndez Ferrín is, without a doubt, the most important living writer in the Galician language. Totemic author, inescapable reference for new generations of storytellers, has been several times proposed for the Nobel Prize for Literature. The five stories collected in Amor de Artur, volume of a ferocious beauty, have as background the country of Tagen Ata, paradigmatic territory and symbol of the mythical Galicia. Five beautiful stories, of a subtle charm, ranging from the fantastic allegory of the love theme to the recreation of the Breton chivalric universe; from the fall to the abyss of a broken toy of rock music to the remembrance of an unforgettable summer in which they braid, with mastery of goldsmith, mythical sagas with a blood and revenge flavor. All of this is approached from a singular and strange perspective, very original, innovative and enigmatic.



Book: Amor de Artur

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