Amor, educación y cambio

Modelos organizadores y aprendizaje

Amor, educación y cambio -  AA.VV. - Icaria
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Love is not just a personal and private matter. It constitutes a part of the social fabric and also concerns the political. This book recovers love as an irreplaceable link between human beings and their world and also as a specific form of cooperation. The authors show how the construction and reconstruction of the personal identity of young people and adolescents not only takes place in the framework of love ties, but also in all the affective and social relationships that frame it. Currently there is a tidal wave of collective activities that share the objective of restoring to people one of their most valuable assets: "knowing and feeling that they are co-authors and co-authors of their own lives and agents of social change." This book presents the design and practical implementation of educational and psychosocial interventions whose main objective is to offer young generations more


Book: Amor, educación y cambio

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