Amor y voluntad

Contra la violencia y la apatía en la sociedad actual

Amor y voluntad - Rollo May - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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In today's culture, love is no longer seen as a motivating force, as an energy to advance in life, and willpower, in other times considered as the main factor to rationally decide what to do, has given way to inoperative and endless calculations about deciding how to decide. In a time of radical transition like ours, we should not settle for laments. We must go beyond indifferent pessimism, looking for the sources of these capacities in our own consciousness and in the collective consciousness. Although they are sealed, these sources are not exhausted. Rollo May defines current society as "schizoid", because affective relationships are increasingly avoided. Instead apathy appears, a dangerous phenomenon because it has a dialectical relationship with violence: This is the last resort to fill the gap of lack of relationship. The author studies in depth the problems of love in the more


Book: Amor y voluntad

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