Amores prohibidos

La palabra condenada en el México de los Virreyes

Amores prohibidos - Georges Baudot - Siglo XXI Editores
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Siglo XXI Editores
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There have always been coplas, songs, letrillas and litanies that are proactive, erotic, obscene (today we would say pornographic) that have run and run word of mouth anonymously. But what happened in New Spain when wives deceived betrothed girlfriends or girls seduced by their confessors denounced their authors and put such verses in the hands of the Inquisition? A process was immediately opened, and trials, accusations, declarations, defenses that fattened the archives of the Holy Office began to pile up. The authors of this book have had the happy idea of ​​searching in the volume of inquisitorial files those documents that refer to these processes against prohibited loves, in which there would be by means of licentious verses, voluptuous, rogues, even - frequently - blasphemers , And thus make a balance of the erotic heterodoxy clandestine in eighteenth-century Mexico. For, in more



Book: Amores prohibidos

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