Anales de un liberal impenitente Vol. I

Economía, política y asuntos económicos

Anales de un liberal impenitente Vol. I - John Kenneth Galbraith - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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A collection of essays Galbraith is inevitably a collection of concerns force in the world. The problems of corporate power and the market, the balance between individual freedom and collective responsibility, the emancipation of the State regarding the control of large corporations, the appropriate role of multinational corporations are treated here with an authority, brevity and ingenuity that will seduce even the most opposed to his thesis. But, as usual, Galbraith's interests extend beyond the strictest aspects of economics, and the spirit of mischief is never far from his pen. He should be their splendid portraits of other heroes, ranging from Antony Trollope to Evelyn Waugh or even some of our wildest contemporary scammers. There are also vignettes of history and unchanging fragments of autobiography. Read Galbraith writing about almost any of the topics covered, is being more




Book: Anales de un liberal impenitente Vol. I

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