Análisis estructural del relato

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Linguistics is no longer a methodology for initiates. The essays of Barthes, Greimas, Eco and Todorov go beyond the field of the humanities to invade the social sciences and cybernetics. This edition of the Structural Analysis of the Story responds to the need to give a greater and wide diffusion to texts that have been considered canonical for the understanding of structural linguistics, its methodology, applications, possibilities and limits. Literary, anthropological and journalistic texts are analyzed in the same way as a cinematographic film: their relationships and structure, the paradigms and models that serve as the basis for making the possibilities of a story infinite. This book includes the translation of the Communications notebook n° 8, compiled by Barthes, together with an introduction where he specifies the scope of the studies and research on the structure of , the more

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Book: Análisis estructural del relato

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