Anatomía de la memoria

Anatomía de la memoria - Eduardo Ruiz Sosa - Cuadrivio
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At the beginning of the seventies, in northern Mexico, a group of students known as Los Enfermos initiated a revolutionary movement that aimed to establish an egg national order. The then young poet Juan Pablo Orígenes was part of that group. Forty years later, the Ministry of Culture instructs Estiarte Solomon write the biography of the writer with the intention of publishing, as a tribute, his complete works. It will be in Has conversations that he maintains with Solomon, when Origen, entangled in the delirium of his own memory, discovers that something in his past was incomplete and will go back to the streets of the city trying to recover it. From the nightmare of imposture, conspiracy and betrayals, Origen is reunited with those of his youth, but the country has changed and other groups of patients appear in the course of that search: it is not about what the poet and the Sick more



Book: Anatomía de la memoria

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