Andanzas del impresor Zollinger

Andanzas del impresor Zollinger - Pablo d'Ors - Impedimenta
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On the tenth anniversary of its first publication, Pablo d'Ors signs a delicate moral fable: a prodigious history with echoes of Hesse, Walser and Kafka.
To save his own life, the young August Zollinger leaves his hometown and stays away for seven years, undertaking alone a path of adventure and discoveries that will lead him to practice all kinds of trades. What is imposed as a bitter exile will end up becoming a route of enlightenment: you will know true love in the tiny garage of a railway station, where every day receives the official call of a mysterious operator, Will taste the camaraderie and the most faithful friendship in the ranks of the army; You will discover the mystery of nature in the evanescent grandeur of the forests ... And, above all, you will learn to value the dignity of small and humble trades. The supplies that he will gain along this route will make him more



Book: Andanzas del impresor Zollinger

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