Ante el colapso

Por la autogestión y por el apoyo mutuo

Ante el colapso - Carlos Taibo - Catarata
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Rather than rescuing a proscribed memory, this book aims to identify the currentness of a proposal that claims self-management, demercantilization, depatriarization and decolonization of our societies. In this task, and beyond the answer to what capital and the state mean, it seeks to bring to the fore the women, many of the populations of the countries of the South, the human beings who are members of the generations to come and the other species with which, on paper, we share the planet. The text provides a complete synthesis of the works that the author has dedicated, in the last quarter of a century, to subjects such as the crisis of Soviet-type systems, globalization, American hegemony, the decline that comes, the crisis of the left living in institutions and the currentity of libertarian ideas and practices.


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Book: Ante el colapso

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