Antiafrodisiaco para el amor platónico

Antiafrodisiaco para el amor platónico - Ippolito Nievo - Valdemar
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Ippolito Nievo (1831-1861), a romantic writer and political activist, wrote this satire, the Antiaphrodisiac, at the age of nineteen, with the intention of exorcising the ghosts embedded in his spirit after a loving disappointment. Literary piece of difficult classification, accused of anti-romantic libel, remained unpublished until 1956, apparently for reasons of discretion. The story, based on seventy-two love letters written by Ippolito Nievo to Matilde Ferrari, narrates in an ironic tone the ecstasy of Love and the subsequent fall to the hell of Disappointment, betting at the end for healthy carnal love, in the face of excessive foolishness of the more or less platonic crush.


Book: Antiafrodisiaco para el amor platónico

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