Antígona, o la victoria de Eros

Antígona, o la victoria de Eros - Rodolfo Marcos - Me cayó el veinte
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Me cayó el veinte

Lo Bello, "very mysterious" way, says Lacan, has gone hand Well, become property or under another record in pleasure. However, the same fate not to fool as when a meeting occurs -wonderful the other part- with beauty because it maintains a particular and paradoxical relationship with the desire for two reasons: because it shares structure " decoy ", but at the same time, we" wake up "and were" accommodated "in the same way.

However, this lure of beauty reaches not stop the course of desire; -and even Antigone is teaching that emphasizes Lacan- when leads to destruction.

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Book: Antígona, o la victoria de Eros

ISBN: 9786077694250