Antígona - Slavoj Zizek - Akal
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Antigone against the unjust laws of the State. Antigone defending the laws of the heart. Antigone against complacent blindness. Antigone fighting patriarchy. There are many and very diverse readings that have been made of the classic Sophocles, from Plato to Judith Butler, through Hegel or Kierkegaard. Now, nobody until today had dared to rewrite Antigone as Slavoj ?? i ?? ek did, with the declared intention of abandoning the literalness of the text so that it is, nevertheless, more faithful than ever to its spirit. But how is it possible to distance oneself from its literality without betraying it? Has not gone too far degenerating, stripping of its genesis, the tragic work of Sophocles? For the author to look straight at the classic work, treating it as something "open" and oriented to the future is the only way to keep alive what beats after the work and to do justice with more


Book: Antígona

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