Antijesuitismo y filiojesuitismo

dos identidades ante la restauración

Antijesuitismo y filiojesuitismo -  AA.VV. - Ibero
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Tapa Blanda

The Society of Jesus, embedded in the interstices of the global and the local, between its universalist vocation linked to the papacy and its subjection to local, dynastic or national powers, was, at the time of its restoration, in constant tension. Precisely, the essays collected in this volume focus on explaining some of the effects of this antagonism, embodied in various discursive and iconographic forms, rumors and documents. With a chronological and regional logic, this book proposes conceptual and historical frameworks for the study of different anti-tumesis and philo-tuisitis and, at the same time, presents case studies referred to a few regions of the Hispano-American world: New Spain or Mexico, New Granada or Colombia and the Río de la Plata (Argentina and Uruguay today). While these essays are not intended to exhaust the reception that the Society of Jesus has had more



Book: Antijesuitismo y filiojesuitismo

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